Deep thoughts.

Feast or Famine

Deciding which projects to take on and which to leave off of your plate can be tricky to decipher. Here are the top 3 things to keep in mind.

Points of View

Three tips on how to keep your perspective part of the conversation and when to take a look at things from someone else’s.


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About Me

I’m Jessica Schindhelm, a designer, but I’d like to think I’m so much more. Born and bred in Connecticut. Hopped around from Boston to Durham, Houston to Louisville, and Roanoke, VA to now Columbia, SC. The benefit of all of these moves? I can pretty much talk with anyone, and I have worked with some pretty amazing people along the way. Now, I specialize in design, marketing, and content creation for the startup and non-profit industries. In my free time, I mostly sit on my couch and either knit, pet my dogs/cats/kids/husband, or cook whatever New York Times Cooking tells me I need to. This may change post-pandemic (the cooking, not the petting).

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